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Lord Finesse Remixes And Reimagines Classic Motown Songs For Inspired New Album, ‘Motown State Of Mind,’ Due June 26, 2020

Legendary rapper, hip-hop producer, and founding member of the influential collective Diggin’ In The Crates Crew (D.I.T.C.), Lord Finesse is back with his most ambitious project to date: Motown State of Mind [Digital Preorder | Physical Preorder], a set of handpicked Motown classics remixed and reimagined. The inspired new remix album will be available to […]

Tyga – Freestyle w/ The L.A. Leakers – Freestyle #051

[Verse] Pay me on the first, niggas know I broke the curse How it feel when the Rolls is reversed? Nigga got it out the dirt Bad bitches ’round, I’ma flirt and I’m goin’ for my eighth like Cur Do you concur? Catch me if you can lil purp I go Kyrie Curry on the […]

Russ – Don’t Fall For It Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah They prolly gonna call this hate But people hate the truth Fuck it [Chorus] Postin’ drugs all the time Don’t fall for it Postin’ guns all the time Don’t fall for it Postin’ money all the time Don’t fall for it Don’t fall for it Postin’ drugs all the time Don’t fall for […]

Wale – Good To Great (feat. Phil Ade)

[Intro: Wale] I got every right to feel myself, right, baby? True story, right? I told her I’d pick her up, she said, “Cool” She said, “What time,” I said, “2” Then she asked me what time she’d be back I said, “2:30” She said, “Pssh, like that?” I said, “Pssh, I’ve been like that” […]

Tommy Lee Sparta Reacts To Mavado Diss Track

Tweet Share Tommy Lee Sparta has reacted to Mavado‘s new diss track “Timer.” The “Uncle Demon” is out to get blood and his sight is set on a confrontation with Mavado. The Gullyside singjay link up with DJ Frass for the gritty new diss track where he took some shots at Tommy Lee. “Them a […]

Cardi B Flew To Jamaica To Shoot Video With Rvssian & Ozuma

Tweet Share Cardi B was in Jamaica this week to shoot a video with Rvssian and reggaeton artist Ozuma. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper touched down in Jamrock on Wednesday via a private jet and we’re told that she was staying at the secluded GeeJam villa in Portland. Sources told us that the trio were shooting […]

Ski Mask The Slump God Says XXXTentacion Sacrifice His Soul

Tweet Share Ski Mask The Slump God says his former friend XXXTentacion tried to sacrifice his soul and that’s why he stopped being friends with him. Ski Mask and XXX have been friends for years and just recently the “Look At Me” rapper told his fans on IG that he is quitting music. The next […]

XXXTentacion Changes Mind About Quitting Music Teases New Song

Tweet Share XXXTentacion has already changes his mind about quitting music and is teasing a new single. The Florida rapper has a way of keeping his name in the media and the use of shock-value has been working good for him so far. X took to Instagram on Thursday to preview an upcoming song while […]

Vybz Kartel “I Am The King and Spice The Queen of Dancehall”

Tweet Share Vybz Kartel has added his voice to the feud between Beenie Man and Spice over who the dancehall queen is. The firestorm started last weekend when Beenie Man told Winford Williams on OnStage that Spice is more like a self-appointed designated queen of dancehall and not one who has the support of the […]

Cardi B Breakup With Offset Days After Ex Release From Prison

Tweet Share Cardi B and Offset have broken up just a few days after her ex-boyfriend was released from jail. The duo was once relationship goals for their fans but that’s not the case right now. On Saturday night, both Cardi B and Offset took shots at each other on Snapchat while the “Bodak Yellow” […]

Vybz Kartel – All Aboard [New Music] | Listen

Tweet Share Vybz Kartel debut his new hustle anthem “All Aboard” a catchy single produced by TJ Records. Earlier this week, the imprisoned dancehall star announced that he will be debuting the new single on Irie FM on Friday and all day yesterday DJ Wayne was spinning the new track. “Am so intriguing get the […]

Vybz Kartel and Bounty Killer Dropping New Collaboration This Week

TweetShare Vybz Kartel and Bounty Killer have a new collaboration coming as early as this week. The two dancehall legends have collaborated in the past on several singles, and Kartel even wrote a few hits for Bounty Killer in the early 2000s. But a bitter fallout between The Teacher and The Alliance put an end […]

Spice Shamelessly Took A Female Man and Then Curse Her Out

Dancehall diva Spice shamelessly took another female’s man and then curse her out when confronted on Instagram. Weeks after getting into a fight with her baby daddy on the Gram, Spice is again at the center of another social media fiasco. The “Sheets” deejay was confronted on her IG page by another female using the […]

Cardi B – Pull Up Lyrics

[Hook 1] Hella thick you better pull up on me I hope you feel the same when you see my face you better pull up on me Ain’t no baking day I’m prepared to shake you better pull up on me Now you wanna be my friend, no you ain’t safe, you better pull up […]

Justine Skye – Jezebel (8 Ounces Album)

Oh Jezebel, you’re the girl the guys know so well Jezebel, don’t wanna front you out but what the hell Cause you all on my IG Talkin shit bout me All in my timeline Picture you Tryna out me Internet thuggin Avatar muggin Now you got me black bagging Got you on thought when I’m […]

King Chip – Sto’ Lyrics

[Intro] Pull up hop out sto, sto [Hook] Pull and I open up sto’ Pull up pop trunk sto’ Pull up pop trunk sto’ Pull and I open up sto’ Pull up hop out and open up sto’ Pull and I open up sto’ Pull and I open up sto’ Pull and I open up […]

Aidonia – IG Girls Lyrics

(Verse 1) The likkle pretty gyal you a boast pon IG bout Shi gimmi a nice deep throat All when you put her in a house Shi a find way fi try thief out Shi waan jump pon the bike wheel out Pon a high speed boat Mi seh pretty gyal do you have anybody? […]

Punch – Gold

[Intro] Just got a text, probably remind him on Socrates, from my IG post [Hook] All my life, I been told everything that glitters ain’t gold Now that I’ve arrived, I see these truths unfold before my eyes in a world so cold [Verse 1] Compulsive dreamer, pessimistic overthinker Never indulging reefer, seldom Hennesy drinker […]

E-40 – Savage (feat. B-Legit & Jazze Pha)

[Hook: Jazze Pha] Pulled up in the drop with a bad bitch Actin’ like a nigga never had shit Pocket full of cash bitch, I’m rich ‘Cause I’m a savage Treat a bad bitch like she average All up in her face with a bad bitch See a new chick, try to bag it ‘Cause […]

Lil Durk – See Me Down (feat. Jadakiss)

[Intro: Lil Durk] They wanna see me down They wanna see me down [Hook: Lil Durk] Just wanna see my son grow up Chicago streets, no love I might not make it through the summer, but I cannot give up They wanna see me down They wanna be me now Niggas catchin’ cases That on […]

Lil Durk – See Me Down

[Intro: Lil Durk] They wanna see me down They wanna see me down [Hook: Lil Durk] Just wanna see my son grow up Chicago streets, no love I might not make it through the summer, but I cannot give up They wanna see me down They wanna be me now Niggas catchin’ cases That on […]

Keke Palmer – Jealous

[Intro] Two up, fuck who up I was sitting in the coup, watch the bitch pull up Hate a nigga think he slick, bitch rick ruler Tell him, she tag me again she gon’ see thriller [Chorus] You say that you promise to love me, love me That’s what you said But I see a […]

Lil Durk – Real letras

[Hook] Pour a cup of that dirty Might take me a perc 30 Gotta watch out for who love me and the same people who hurt me My momma said I might OD I’mma drink ’em I ain’t worried Gotta watch out in these streets I’mma think ’em I ain’t worried Can’t trust none of […]

Beatking – Bussibak letras

[Intro] Hold up bitch Hold up bitch Texas Uncle Luke Club Godzilla [Hook] If you got some good pussy, where they at tho? If you the baddest in the club, where they at tho? If you got your own paper, where they at tho? Hold up, drop it to the floor Bust it back tho […]

Lil Durk – Perky’s Callin (Remix) letras

[Intro] Ay, I’m back on that ’07 shit, ya hear me I think I’m the only nigga that can turn ops to fans, ya hear me Free 9 [Verse] Me and Nuski swagged up in grad school Remember when the homicide grabbed you Boogieman had trap like a drive thru The coke is goin’ quick […]