Latin Country Artist Dianna Releases Blue Bayou

Dianña has added her distinct Latin Country flavor to the classic song Blue Bayou, released today on Spotify, Apple Music, and all major music platforms. With Latin guitar woven seamlessly into the song and Dianña’s vocals bearing an uncanny similarity to those of Linda Ronstadt, her version of Blue Bayou will appeal to both Linda Ronstadt fans and Latin music fans alike..

Said Dianña, “I’ve always loved Linda Ronstadt and wanted to cover her version of Blue Bayou while drawing on my own Latin heritage to add a fresh element to it.”.

Blue Bayou follows only weeks after Dianña’s latest Latin Country original song release of Rubberneck Cumbia, which is a Cumbia style adaptation of her song Rubberneck. Cumbia is a popular up-tempo genre throughout Latin America, and that energy was captured beautifully in a live video of its recording at the famous Sonic Studios in Texas, which can be seen on Dianña’s YouTube channel. // Continue to the full article

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