DJ Mike Sean Produces 30 Years Of History Into A Rap Song, “30 Years A War (A History Lesson)”

Thirty years ago, in August of 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait. Then, in January of 1991, the US Military entered the Gulf War in the Middle East. At that time, Mike Sean Fernandez, a Tampa, Florida based DJ and on-air personality, found it interesting and started writing a rap song based on the news reports. He never finished the song because the war in the Middle East never ended. But he did not forget about that incomplete song, knowing one day he would share it with the world.

Fast forward to 2020 and five Presidents later, when Covid-19 shut his business down, he was inspired to pick up where he left off. Now, with 30 years of news about war and presidents to disseminate in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, DJ Mike Sean has finally finished his song in time to commemorate the 30-year Anniversary of the Gulf War. // Continue to the full article

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